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Mission statement


What do we believe in?

 "To encourage science awareness and literacy among children of diverse ethnic groups, by providing innovative, relevant, and interesting yet challenging hands-on science activities that will enhance their academic achievement, self-confidence, and creative thinking skills."


We generate EXCITEMENT!


  • Professor T.K. the Chemist engages both the National and the NC Common Core Standards for reach specific grade level through our mobile hands-on science programs, while providing a HIGH ENERGY atmosphere!

  • Theirs’s NEVER a dull moment! These fast paced science activities will promote positive self-awareness in learning more about STEM/STEAM education!


We provide the WOW Factor!

We have Hands-On Science Adventures for any grade levels! All of our programs incorporate DEXTERITY! KINESTHETIC LEARNING! and INTERACTION!

Programs and Classes FAQ

How many scholars per session?


  • All of our programs are safe, hassle free and easy to set up. The maximum number of science scholars per lab session is 25 in order to maximize the hands-on science experience. 

  • Our affordable costs include all materials and equipment for each child to participate in the hands-on science adventure.  At the end of the program, each child will receive a science souvenir or take home a science project. 

How long does each session lasts?


Each lab session lasts for 45 minutes with a 5-minute set up time in between classes.  There is an additional travel fee to and from sites more than 25 miles outside of MYGEMS Headquarters.  

What age levels does MYGEMS work with?


We provide programs for school ages youth from preK-high school.

Our programs are specific according to the National and State Common Core guidelines for science education.

Afterschool Programs


  • Our programs start as low as $6 per child for most of our hands-on science adventures.

  • For sites with fewer than 30 students, your cost is a flat fee of $175.  This does not include travel to your site.

Assembly Programs



  • Assemblies are available for schools and other youth organizations. We would combine two grade level groups with each session lasting for 45 minutes. (K-2) and (3-5) grade level groups work best for our hands-on science adventures. 

  • The maximum number of students per assembly session is 100 to ensure a safe, yet educational and fun learning experience. Each teacher would receive a Pre and Post Activity Guide for the program assembly selection. 

  • At the end of the program, each child will receive a science souvenir or take home a science project. The fee for this program begins at $450.

I have more questions....



Call us for more pricing details. We customize our program fees according to your specific needs. Our programs are very economical. 

Program Guide for Afterschool Directors & Teachers


MYGEMS provide both an enriching and uniquely based educational programs that has designed its core curriculum with the purpose of offering innovative, hands-on, inquiry based STEM/STEAM (Science Technology Engineering (Art) Math) activities that are aligned with both State and National Standards for science education. In Accordance with the North Carolina Common Core Standards for Science Education, MYGEMS has integrated this educational standard in the STEM programs as well.




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